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Our Toronto store is staffed by a mixture of Scots and Canadians, but more importantly they are people who are enthusiastic
about kilts, highland dress and all things Scottish, and passionate about giving the very best in customer service you will find.
Please complete this form carefully and completely and return directly to William Glen & Son at the above address. All measurements to be in inches. Please note that William Glen & Son is not responsible for garment fit when customer supplies his own measurements.

No bookings will be made unless all details are listed below.

Full Highland Dress Rental.....  $169.95 + tax (REG:$199.00)
Includes: Prince Charlie Jacket & Vest, Kilt, Kiltpin, Flashes, Dress Sporran & Chain, Sgian Dubh, Ghillie Brogue Shoes, Black Bow Tie or Ascot, Hose ( Cream Only)-Coloured Surcharge

Tweed Package.....  $169.95 + tax (REG:$199.00)
Includes: Charcoal Tweed Jacket with 5 Button Vest, Kilt, Kiltpin,Flashes, Semi-Formal Sporran & Chain, Sgian Dubh, Ghillie Brogue Shoes,Ascot Tie, Hose (Cream Only)-Coloured Surcharge

Ghillie package..... $169.95 + tax (REG:$199.00)
Includes: Ghillie Shirt in Cream or Black,Kilt,Kiltpin,Flashes, Semi-Formal Sporran & Chain,Sgian Dubh, Belt and Buckle, Ghillie Brogue Shoes,Hose (Cream Only)-Coloured Surcharge

Childrens Formal Package..... $99.00 + tax
Includes: Prince Charlie & Vest, Kilt (William Glen, Red MacPherson, Scottish National, Graham of Montrose and Flower of Scotland),Kiltpin, Flashes, Sporran & Chain, Buckles, Bow Tie

Childrens Package..... $75.00 + tax
Includes: Velvet Vest or Ghillie Shirt (Cream Only) , Kilt (William Glen, Red MacPherson, Scottish National, Graham of Montrose and Flower of Scotland),Kiltpin, Flashes, Sporran & Chain, Buckles, Bow Tie)
Purchase Children's Hose from $18.95 Children's Dress Shirts from $29.95

Individual Item Rentals:
- Kilt: $60.00
- Prince Charlie Jacket &Vest:    $60.00
- Ghillie Shirt: $25.00
- Sporran: $25.00
- Belt and Buckle: $15.00
- Sgian Dubh: $7.50
- Black Bow Tie: $2.50
- Fly Plaid and Brooch: $20.00
- Ladies Sash: $15.00
- Ghillie Brogue Shoes: $25.00
- Ascot Tie: $7.50


A minimum $30.00 + tax deposit is required to complete each booking. This deposit is Non-Refundable!


Wedding Party: ________________________________ Date of booking: ________________________

Assistant: ________________________
Name: __________________________

Address: ________________________



Telephone: ________________________________
Alternate: ________________________
Identification: ______________________________ Credit Card #: ___________________________

Name on Card: ___________________________

Expiry Date: ___________________________

3 Digit Code ___________________________
(Located on Back of Card)

Items required for Rental

Select tartan:
Red MacPherson
Graham of Montrose
Scottish National
Black Twill
Flower of Scotland
Rangers FC
Celtic FC
WM Glen & Son

Kilt, kilt pin, flashes: Size______ ($60.00)

Prince Charlie Jacket & Vest: Size______ ($60.00)

Tweed Jacket & Vest: Size______($60.00)

Ghillie Shirt (Cream__/Black___) Size______ ($25.00)

Sporran & Chinstrap ($25.00) Evening or  Day
       Chain   Semi or  Evening

 Belt & Buckle ($15.00)

 Bow Tie ($2.50)

 Sgian Dubh ($7.50)

 Ghille Broogues (# - Size) _______ ($25.00)

 Fly Plaid & Plaid Brooch ($20.00)

 Ladies Sash ($15.00)

 :Ascot Tie($7.50)

Date Required:________________________

Collection Date:________________________
Rental Package Charge (check applicable)
Full Highland Dress Package ($159.95) Tweed Package ($159.95)
Ghillie Package ($159.95) Childrens Package ($99.00)
Individual Item Rental (List items):__________________________________________________________________

Deposit Paid: $___________

Balance $___________
Special Instructions

I __________________________________________ agree to return the merchandise above on the return date state. Any extension to the agreed rental return date shall be charged at $25.00 + tax per day. All damages or losses will be paid for at current retail prices.

Signed:______________________________________________   Dated:___________________________________

(Print this page and mail or fax to William Glen & Son)

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