Thistle Shoes – Dance Ghillies


Excellent dance ghillie (for both Highland & Scottish Country)
◦Soft black leather upper
◦No Front seam with loop
◦Extra eyelet at the ankle for better support
◦Soft and flexible chrome suede sole unit
◦Left and right lasted to give more generous fit
◦Noene Shock dispersion technology absorbing 98% of impact
◦Includes cotton shoe protector bag
◦Handmade in Scotland

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This is our dancing ghillie, suitable for both Highland & Scottish Country. The style has a soft black leather upper and there is no front seam. There is an extra eyelet at the ankle for better support. The sole unit is suede and is soft and flexible. The insoles are fitted with the highest quality shock dispersion unit that absorbs 98% of the shock, helping to prevent injuries such as shin splints. This dance ghillie is left and right lasted to give more of a generous fit. The pumps come with a cotton shoe protector bag.

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